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Half of the world’s population relies on wood fires to cook.

H i s t o r y    O f    S o l a r    C o o k i n g
Dr. Barbara Knudson, a founder of SHE, writes “Solar energy was first used for cooking in 1767 but wasn’t really developed scientifically until the 1950s. The first design was a “box cooker” made of plywood and reflectors. The energy crisis of the 1970’s sparked further interest in solar cooking and led to the designs we have today.”

To read more about the history of solar cooking you can download Dr. Barbara Knudson’s The Art of Solar Cooking ( click here).

The primary activity in Mekhé, Senegal was tree cutting for household fuel. Eventually, the distances to the trees became too great to make any profit. Now, Some go without meals because wood is too expensive. Some cook with cow dung. The need for HotPots is great here!
-- Women’s group representative, Mekhé, Senegal, Winter 2005

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“Primary Schoolchildren Observing the HotPot” Kenya, 2006

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